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Corporate Background

The Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation was established in 1966 under the Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation Ordinance (Chapter 1115). It was created by statute with the aim of encouraging and supporting export trade by providing Hong Kong exporters with insurance protection against non-payment risks arising from commercial and political events. Its contingent liability under contracts of insurance is guaranteed by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, with the statutory maximum liability currently standing at $55 billion. The Corporation is required to operate in accordance with the requirements laid down in the Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation Ordinance and to pursue a policy directed towards securing revenue sufficient to meet all expenditure properly chargeable to its revenue account. It is a 'public body' under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance. ECIC staff are not permitted to accept any advantages from ECIC customers. Anybody offering any advantages to ECIC staff in connection with official business commits an offence.

Mission Statement

To encourage and support the export trade through the provision of professional and customer-oriented services.

Quality Policy

We are committed to providing professional and customer-oriented services in support of Hong Kong's export trade, by upholding the principles of Total Quality Management and by fulfilling all our legal and customer requirements.

We encourage the concerted participation of staff at all levels to ensure continuous improvement in service delivery of the highest quality, and to establish a reputation amongst our customers, Hong Kong's exporters, for excellence, value for money and constant innovation.

The comprehensive quality objectives underlying all our activities are regularly reviewed and improved upon, based on the current and likely future needs of customers for a range of insurance cover and a high standard of service.

Our quality policy takes the form of a quality management system developed on the basis of ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Implementing this is the responsibility of each staff member.

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