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Market Information

Market Information
Belt and Road
Overview of the latest developments on the countries under the Belt and Road Initiative.
Market at a Glance
Analysis of the political and economic trends on prospective emerging markets space.  
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Weekly Market News
Weekly Market News brings you the weekly news roundup on global economic, political, as well as business issues.  
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Major Overseas Markets
Economic data from major export markets, including key data like GDP, retail sales, inflation rates and unemployment figures, are regularly updated to give you a better grasp of economic fundamentals.  
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Mainland China/Hong Kong
Browse economic news and data from Mainland China and Hong Kong to keep abreast of the latest development in this dynamic region.  
Emerging Markets
This collection of economic news from emerging markets is intended to assist exporters in exploring more business opportunities.  
Bankruptcy Information
Read the latest bankruptcy news and trends of major export markets to gain a clearer picture of overseas buyer risks.  
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Claims Statistics 
Statistics on payment difficulty cases reported to the ECIC.  Read More >
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