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The Corporation provides a wide range of insurance facilities to Hong Kong exporters of both goods and services who trade with overseas buyers on credit terms, usually of up to 180 days. The facilities cover two main types of non-payment risks for goods exported and services rendered arising from buyer risks and country risks.

Our facilities cover not only exports shipped and re-exported from Hong Kong, but also those transported directly from suppliers' countries to their destination without passing through Hong Kong. The indemnity provided is normally 90% of the loss incurred.

Export Credit Insurance

Of the wide range of policies we offer, the most popular is our Comprehensive Cover Policy, which applies to the export and re-export of goods from Hong Kong, and to the offshore shipments of goods manufactured outside Hong Kong, on credit periods of up to 180 days. Tailor-made facilities or variations on the standard cover are available. Medium and long term cover may also be offered to cover exports of capital goods for credit periods of up to 5 years or even longer if required.

In addition, we offer tailor-made policies that cover exports of services, each designed to meet the specific requirements of different service sectors.

Risk Assessment and Monitoring Services

Apart from insurance cover, we provide risk assessment and monitoring services to exporters, offering advice on the extent of credit which it is prudent of them to offer their buyers. We draw on a computerised worldwide database of buyers whose credit-worthiness is regularly monitored by our underwriters. Our credit information is derived from an international network made up of credit information agencies, banks and other credit insurers.

Collateral for Discounting Export Bills

Insurance policies issued by the Corporation are accepted by the banking community as useful collateral for discounting export bills. The protection accorded to a policyholder may be extended to the policyholder's bank by a Letter of Authority, which enables claims to be paid directly to the bank and can be instrumental in helping policyholders obtain the banking facilities they need.

Assistance in Loss Minimisation

With a worldwide network of lawyers and debt collectors available to call on, we are in a strong position to assist policyholders in solving payment problems and to advise them on practical actions for preventing or minimising losses wherever they trade.

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