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System Requirements for Using the ECIC Website

The webpages on the ECIC website are viewable on most modern browsers. However, each computer system displays fonts slightly differently and some users may have adjusted the default font size and screen resolution on their computers. As a result, the webpages on the ECIC website may be displayed differently on computer systems with different configurations.

The webpages on the ECIC website are best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (or above), Mozilla Firefox 21 (or above), Google Chrome 26 (or above), or Safari 5 (or above). If you are using older versions of these browsers, we suggest that you update them to the latest versions as soon as possible. To update your browsers, please visit one of the websites listed below:
  • Internet Explorer Product Home Page
  • Mozilla Firefox Product Home Page
  • Safari Product Home Page

Plug-in Requirements
Adobe Flash Player must be installed to view the webcasts on the ECIC wesite.

Screen Resolution
The ECIC website is best viewed at a scale of 1024 x 768 pixels.
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